Creating a brand for a potentially world changing project, is a big task.

We decided to go bold and bright, like the project itself.

Livewell Directory is a potentially big project, aiming to become global. Therefore the branding needed to be timeless, yet modern, easily recognisable, yet simplistic whilst appealing to ethical businesses and consumers alike. We wanted the world to take notice of the Livewell Directory and their vision of helping to make the world a kinder and fairer place.


Livewell Directory


Livewell Directory CIC

What we did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Brand, Logo, Social Media


We created a logo

We needed the logo to be easily identifiable, globally and therefore we created a simplistic, vibrant, eye-catching design representing the three different areas of the Directory namely Retail, Food and Wellbeing. Each category has its own icon within the logo making them easily recognisable.

and two websites…

We created two responsive and search engine optimised websites for this project. One acts as the Directory where ethical businesses can list themselves for conscious consumers to find them. Each business has their own business page with information about their services and a link to their own website. Website users can search via location, product or category to find their local ethical businesses. Listed businesses can see how many page visits they’ve had, receive reviews and be contacted directly via the Livewell Directory website.

The other is the Livewell Directory community website where users can subscribe to the newsletter, read the latest blogs or find out more about the Livewell Directory team and their mission and vision. Both websites link to each other making it feel like one website from a user’s perspective.

Creating an impact on social media

To launch Livewell Directory, we created a short video to raise awareness, to explain what the directory is about and why it's needed. More videos will follow as part of a targeted campaign.

We develop and manage the social media strategy for Livewell Directory.

After undertaking research, we decided to utilise Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for this project. LinkedIn is the next channel we will add to the mix.

The following data is from August 2017 to January 2018.

Facebook users


We created a Facebook business page to reach conscious consumers with relevant community news and events.

Two closed Facebook business groups were created, one for Africa and one for Europe, as this is where Livewell Directory is currently focusing their efforts. These groups enable ethical entrepreneurs to network with one another and they are growing steadily with new members joining daily.

As part of the Livewell Directory’s launch, we’ve run a paid advertising campaign aimed at getting ethical businesses to list on the directory. Next will be to advertise the directory to consumers in order to raise awareness.

Overall Facebook has been a very effective platform for reaching consumers and ethical businesses alike.

Instagram followers


Instagram is used as a community-based platform where we encourage Livewell Directory followers to share their favourite ethical places and products with the rest of the community. It is aimed at the younger demographic who engage with Instagram stories and imagery.

It has proven to be a very interactive platform but also a great way to find ethical businesses to join the directory.

Twitter followers


We’ve mainly used Twitter as a tool to reach the B2B community which has proven very effective. As a result, we have connected with many ethical businesses who have since listed on the Livewell Directory. We’ve also utilised this platform to raise awareness of the directory amongst the B2C community through sharing community blog posts and information about new business listings.

Managing email marketing

We write blogs and send out regular email newsletters on behalf of our client and manage their mailing list. For convenience, users can sign up to the newsletter directly from the website and once an email campaign has been sent we have access to campaign reports.

We sourced and created imagery for the project. 

Print Items

Once signed up, a business is offered a free sticker. The stickers were sourced by us, as it was imperative the stickers were made from environmentally friendly materials. 

Digital needs to be backed up by print

In addition to the website and social media, we created double-sided postcards which can be used at events, handed-out as flyers and even posted to prospective businesses or consumers as a door drop.

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